Our staff has been working hard at compiling data that will give you insight in many areas. It is time for me to share our school-wide building results from our IOWA test scores. It takes a while to accumulate all scores and we also wait for the all-Diocese report as well. Teachers use this information to drive instruction, but at the same it, it is a snap shot in time of when the test is taken. We use many other sources from data other than IOWAs.
Our staff spent all last year reviewing and analyzing our math and writing curriculum standards and have created a very condensed map for each area that will allow you a vison for what we teach throughout grade levels. This is not an easy task to undertake as much communication must take place between grade levels, and the understanding of curriculum is in-depth. Math is much more intense as you will see. The staff did the best we could to put this information in a map that will allow you to see a whole picture, but understand much more instruction is given in many other areas than listed on the map to meet the needs of all students.

Attached you will find: