Faith Formation

Religious formation is one of the primary responsibilities at our school since the school exists as a ministry of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Community.
This is accomplished through a variety of experiences such as:
  Religious formation instruction
  Sacrament preparation
  Monthly school-wide Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  Weekly Mass planned by the students
  Daily school-wide morning prayer
  Daily moment of silence
  8th Grade St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Stations of the Cross
  May Crowning
  Weekly Adoration
  All school rosary
  Lenten alms giving
Every grade level has an "adopted" scripture which has a presence throughout the year. It also serves as a motto for the grade level. The staff carefully selected scriptures that are relevant to their grade level. We are excited to think how wonderful it is for our students to know, memorize, and live these scriptures throughout their years as our school.
By being an active member of our worshiping faith community, students develop a personal sense of responsibility for family, school, parish, their country, and the world. Catholic values are integrated in all of our classes and are an important part of our education.