Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Our school is focused on successfully achieving our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) in all that we do.

A St. Thomas Aquinas student is a…

A Self-Disciplined Learner

  • Applies problem-solving strategies 

  • Uses technology as a tool 

  • Understands & evaluates all subject areas 

  • Strives to do his/her best


Total Person

  • Models positive leadership qualities 

  • Takes responsibility for personal actions 

  • Demonstrates good citizenship 

  • Respects the uniqueness of individuals and all God’s creations 

  • Actively participates in the arts, physical fitness & cultural traditions

Active Catholic

  • Understands the history & traditions of the Roman Catholic faith

  • Develops personal faith through prayer, sacraments & Mass

  • Stands up for Catholic values

  • Exhibits stewardship by sharing their time, talent & treasure


Goal-Oriented Student

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning

  • Works as part of a team

  • Develops effective spiritual and academic habits

  • Evaluates personal work & behavior then applies suggestions for improvement

Successful Communicator

  • Displays confidence while speaking formally and informally

  • Demonstrates strong reading, writing, listening & verbal skills

  • Creates assignments that reflect ownership

  • Advocates for self